Style Announcement: New Nothing2Wear Site!!

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It’s been a few weeks in the making and it’s finally arrived. We are proud to announce a fresh, brand new Nothing2Wear website. The first of the year is the perfect time to whip your closet into shape and … Continue reading

Style New You: Book Your Nothing2Wear Closet Edit Session Today!

Nothing to Wear Style Series

It’s time to kick off 2015 by finding the new you in your own wardrobe. Nothing2Wear is now booking closet edit sessions in January+February 2015. Purging your closet and clothes can be a terribly emotional experience but putting off the inevitable is … Continue reading

How to Style A Black+White Blazer 2 Ways | The 2-Minute Outfit

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This week’s Nothing2Wear 2-Minute Outfit episode covers “How to Style a Target Black+White Trimmed Blazer,” 2 ways in  just 2-minutes. WATCH. Style Foundation: I snagged this blazer from Target’s sale rack last season and I’ve worn it year-around. Blazers give you endless … Continue reading

Birmingham’s Baby Palooza BIG Baby GIVEAWAY


I’m thrilled to be apart of Alabama’s Baby and Child magazine’s ever popular Birmingham Baby Palooza Expo on Saturday, August 15. No, I’m not pregnant but I’ll be able to swap plenty of stories with thousands of moms-to-be. I have the … Continue reading

Style Gift Guide: 14 Baby Gifts to Grow With

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My three children, ages 13, 10 and 8, are constantly asking for another sibling as if it’s as easy as driving to the baby hospital store and picking one up. Although I think my baby days have passed, I have to … Continue reading

Style Prints: How To Style Florals+Stripes For Less Than $100

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To some, pairing stripes and florals is a huge style risk. The eye may think the merging is just wrong but actually, it’s simply right. One thing to ask yourself if you’re thinking of trying this is, do the colors match … Continue reading

Style Chic Moms: Ditch the Yoga Pants+Amp Your Style


Just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean your style should go the way of a dirty diaper. Yes, you’re on the floor most of the day crawling around playing peekaboo games and cleaning crud off your face and the … Continue reading

Style Gift Guide: 8 Father’s Day Ideas for Every Kind of Dad

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I love my Dad! He’s mostly stubborn and likes to be in charge and he created a daughter that turned out just like him. HA! No wonder we sometimes don’t see eye to eye; we’re too much alike. I love … Continue reading

Style Summer Flip- 1 Jacket, 6 Ways | Nothing2Wear

Summer Edit- 1 Blazer, 6 Looks

Kat loves sporting her Classic Chic style with fantastic finds from her favorite shops, J. Crew, Gap, The Limited, World Market, her Mom’s closet and even a few vintage pieces from her Great Aunt and Grandmother. But I wanted to … Continue reading

How to Wear&Pair Coral+ Seafoam


Color is fun, inspirational and simply stylish, especially in summer months. Wearing color that compliments your skin tone is quite attractive and worth a try. Here’s a new Nothing2Wear pairing to put on. Match the evening sunset and try wearing Coral+ … Continue reading

8 Double-Duty Travel Must-Haves | The Weather Channel- Catenya McHenry


The taping of my Memorial Day travel segment on The Weather Channel in Atlanta was a blinding blur. I waited in their green room for about an hour while other shows were taped and then when it was time for … Continue reading

Style Fab Finds: Memorial Day Must-Haves


Memorial Day is the first official holiday marking the end of a school year and the important remembrance of the patriotic sacrifice so many have made. It’s a time for family celebrations, backyard cookouts, picnics in the park and somber … Continue reading

Style Tip: How To Stylishly Wear A Wife-Beater

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Now that I have your attention; yes, girls can wear them too but of course, the more PC reference is “layering tank.” Wife-beater or layering tanks are actually comfortable, versatile and can be incredibly stylish, depending on what you pair … Continue reading